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Hogar CREA, Inc.,  is a residential private non-profit, drug-free treatment program, that is long-term and community-based, responding to the needs of people with drug dependency and their families. HOGAR CREA, (HC) is an alternative without borders based on a foundation of faith and hope.
Our mission and apostolate is to serve the needy and the destitute.  HC is a "faith-based, non-profit, dedicated to providing prevention and treatment services to men and women succumbing to drug addiction, including teens, mothers with their children, homeless and those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

The HC treatment model is bio-psych-social-spiritual, framed in a Therapeutic Community directed toward the development of a healthy character.  For this reason, our organization is interdisciplinary and includes: health-care professionals, members of steering committees including re-educated (alum-peers), family committees, community volunteers and relatives.  HC believes that we must understand and internalize as peers and model behavior in an effort to comply fully with the most important mission of our movement:  to serve.

Hogar CREA provides services for the prevention and treatment of addiction in all its manifestations to adults and adolescents of both sexes. With the development of the program through the years, our services have been expanded to the homeless with substance abuse issues and with HIV/AIDS, including mothers with their children, teen offenders with substance abuse problems, adults confined in the island's prisons. The Hogar CREA, Inc. program is international with facilities in Latin America and the United States of America.

Management Team

  • Benjamin Pintor Miranda


  • Hector Figueroa

    Executive Director

  • Genaro Rodriguez Hernandez

  • Therapeutic Director

  • Wilberto Rivera Ramos


  • Jorge Cruz

  • Public Relations Director

  • Raquel Pizarro

    Director of Human Resources







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