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CREA's Great Extended Family of Alumni

CREAting a Support Network of Re-Educated Alumni

Hogar CREA's Alumni mission is to support the recovery of every resident who has been part of our Therapeutic Community. As men and women who have changed their lives with CREA, together we look to the future with the duty to facilitate the ongoing recovery and serve others. After all, the road to a recovery that lasts is more difficult in the 'real world'.

Together, connected as Alumni, we will improve our future, that of our families and communities. Volunteer alumni, committed to the common good will encourage the use of this site as a key part of our ongoing recovery and as a conduit of communication with the leadership of Hogar CREA.

If you've moved since your treatment at Hogar CREA, please refer to the contact section of this web site and please get in touch with us. Doing so will ensure you get more details about how to stay committed to our network. Whenever you change your mailing address or e-mail, please, return to us and update your contact information.

Together we will continue providing mutual support on this site or personally. Mutual aid continues to be one of the pillars of our recovery...Help us Help.


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