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Hogar CREA has been characterized by the range of services provided at a much more cost efficient model of treatment than private companies and government programs. These services include: treatment for addiction, detoxification, hostel, community outreach, transportation, case management, medical and nursing, social work, psychological services and chaplaincy services. In addition, we have coordination and collaborative agreements with different agencies of Government and private programs for an exchange of services across the island.

Our unique services count on a group of Re-Educated Peers who join our team (people who have gone through addiction and have been restored) their experience and constant motivation make the organization one of profound success in Puerto Rico. The integration of services and coordination of expert referrals, avoids duplication of services and makes CREA's therapeutic community model one that is very effectively implemented.

We serve adult males and females with problems of addiction to drugs or alcohol, young teenage boys between the ages of 13 to 17 years, with problems of drugs experimentation, minor law-breakers who with disciplinary compliance measures are referred to the program. Homeless with problems of addiction, HIV/AIDS patients referred by State agencies and private persons referred to by the courts, the Family Services, ASSMCA and the Puerto Rico Police Department.


  • Housing         
  • Meals
  • Medical Services
  • Detoxification
  • Social work
  • Pshycological therapy
  • Educational assistance - orientation
  • Transportation
  • Vocational Rehab Therapy
  • Social programs & inter-agency support for residents and family
  • Family interventions                                                                        
  • Individual and Group therapy                                                                    
  • Therapies include: confrontation, occupational, educational, fundraising, urban orientation, recreation and sports, and spiritual.


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